I graduated with a degree in English with a focus on creative writing from California State Northridge University. I live in Arizona with my husband, two dogs and bird.

I am nomadic by nature. On our bucket list of places to live; England and Japan. We would also like to caravan, but there are no future plans being made.

I’m addicted to all things writing related. I own more books on the subject than I need, have more diagrams printed than I’ll ever use and have more websites on the subject saved than I’ll ever read. I’m also addicted to tea.

Randomness: I’m a pagan. I line dance with a demo (performance) team. I’m crazy about superheroes. I love haunted houses, frogs, candy and red wine.

I write science fiction, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, horror and erotica. I would love to write for Cartoon Network, but so far have only written small episodes for my amusement.


Dragon Con is my favorite convention. Second favorite is the Romance Times Book Lovers convention.

Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. Adam West is my second favorite Batman. Lego Batman is awesome, including the movie and the game.

I love Star Trek over Star Wars. Voyager is my favorite crew. Star Trek the Next Generation is my second favorite crew. I’m still working my way through the many seasons. I do have a small crush on Captain Kirk.

Mario Cart is my favorite Wii game. Lego anything is my second favorite in the Wii game universe.

Sheryl Crow is my favorite musician. This Way to the Egress, One Eyed Doll, Creature Feature and Queen are a few of my favorite bands.